Computers at the Diner Table?

This new diner, the Landmark, in Roslyn, Long Island, NY is supposed to be great. It’s a pre-fab, double decker with a new, jazzed up quasi-gourment menu. On top to that, they seem to have added computer terminals at each table. Is this great, or a bit too much. Sure, it’s great in theory, but is enough tech enough? I mean, people barely pay attention to each other now, with the phones, BlackBerry emails, iPods, etc. Just seems like it can be a bit too much. The point of going out to eat is not only to eat, but also to spend time with others. If you take this out of the equation, you might as well all stay home, eating Hungry Man dinners in each other’s respective internet, cable, iPod docked quarters. Bring the civility back, people. This isn’t a shot at this place, I think it’s great they’re trying to invest in the place and innovate. I just think people need to make the right choices. What do you think? Don’t we as a socity have to say, tech is great, but to a point?

Newsday article
Landmark Diner


  1. JOE

    On the contrary! I am here at the diner right now typing this message on the coolest virtual keyboard I have ever seen.I am here for breakfast before my next sales appointment. I was able to check my E-mails, get directions, do research on my new prospective client and view todays news and this artical on Newsdays web site. I loved it and will surely bring my kids they can play video games, watch music videos etc. Hats off to the Landmark great idea. I will be comming here much more often.

    • admin

      That’s great. Enjoy it. I hope there’s a lot of people that love the computers and the new place. Anyone that puts that kind of investment and tries something new and unique, I’m all in favor of.

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